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About his job, his drinking, his behaviour in general.

Well my money did not go to waste on buying this book. Winter 6 49 Oct 22, And when her work is taken away she has no idea who she is.

The Year I Met You (2014)

Especially when two people start out hating each other as much as Jasmine and Matt did. It’s about re-evaluating your life, figuring out what you want to do with it. My reading pace during this book was slow and steady, partly due to time management but mostly due to wanting the experience to cecela as long as possible.

The continual metaphor of gardening and rebirth spans the entire book and is ridiculously stereotypical. Insightful Cecelia’s books Tells A story like magic. Matt was my favorite character by far – troubled, but hilarious followed closely by Heather. Cecelia Thhe is one of my favorite authors, I usually buy her books without reading the summary of what it’s about.

cecelia ahern the year i met you pdf download

Cecelia Ahern – Wikipedia

Her Story telling is Brilliant. But they seem real. Un punto que destaco del libro son algunas de las reflexiones que hace Jasmine sobre su vida que pueden ser aplicadas a la de cada uno. I liked that Cecelia toyed with our expectations and changed it up from the overly ordinary, and into something with a little more Ahern in it.

Especially, Jasmine- in the beginning we see her as someone who knows nothing except her precious job and her precious sister, yku then life cuts her a bit of slack, and eventually she takes a leap and learns to live a little for herself. You can’t always have rainbows and sunshine. Sorry Cecelia you can’t win them all I suppose!

It was the story of how a woman, Jasmine, found courage and the belief to let go her previous self, in order to shine in a whole new way. She suddenly became friends with her neighbors, including “You” who helped her so much, at the same time that Jasmine helped him and she even met someone. A really good book but I hoped for a different ending. Im Allgemeinen fand ich die Story wirklich richtig gut und auch die Art und Weise wie Cecelia Ahern sie geschrieben hat.

She is now published in nearly fifty countries, cecelia ahern the year i met you pdf download has sold over twenty-five million copies of her novels worldwide. I genuinely loved this book. And that’s what I love about Ahern’s books; they make it seem so real. But 2 people having rough time together, they get acquainted, help each other. Nevertheless, her characters are usually very realistic and not flat or one dimensional at all. I still had a Jenny Colgan cecelia ahern the year i met you pdf download in bookcase as well.

No voy a decir nada porque vale la pena leerlo y hacer el camino de Jasmine y Matt sin saber mucho de que se trata. I was waiting for something to happen, but mrt never did.

The Year I Met You by Cecelia Ahern

They remain very good, supportive friends, who try to work on their problems and help each other out. Overall, the premise of such a novel is interesting, as it explores an unlikely friendship between a man a woman, however, in no way is this fully explored downloar the novel.

J, Matt, and Jasmine. He’s rude to his wife and argues with her a lot.

It wasn’t far fetched or anything, but it wasn’t as touching as the love story in ‘How To Fall In Love’. So far, so normal. Copy in the library: People that become more mindful about their existence, that go through changes and become better, wiser by the end. I’m still not very sure about Jasmine and Tthe as a couple, even though I really liked him from the moment he showed up.