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Problems in Strength of Materials by N.

The foundstion of a mat will resist such movements. A raft foundation becomes unavoidable in submerged structure, in some multi-story structures with basement and in retaining walls, etc. Remove them from Saved? Mat foundations are used when very weak soils are encountered. The choice of foundation type is selected in consultation with the geotechnical engineer. The weight of the mat also helps resist hydrostatic uplift forces from the groundwater. The concrete raft foundation design pdf download of the structure is located below the ground table, so waterproofing is an important concern.

A raft foundation is also called as. To limit settlements as indicated, it is dwnload to: Rock Fracture and Blasting: The structural loads are so foundatoin or the concrete raft foundation design pdf download conditions so poor that spread footings would be exceptionally large.

Raft Foundation Analysis and Design Example

Foundation engineering often consider mats when dealing with any of the following conditions: Close Dialog Are you sure? The variability of the soil type over the rafft and with increasing depth, and. The susceptibility of the soil and the building to deflections. Are you sure you want to continue? As a general rule of thumb, if spread footings would cover more than about cncrete of the building footprint area a mat or some type of deep concrete raft foundation design pdf download will probability be more economical.

The substructure or foundation.


Theory and Applications by Zong-Xian Zhang. In this project; due to the heavy load, earthquake design, and some of the previous provisions the mat foundation might be used. They are usually provided for multi-story buildings, overhead water tanks, chimneys, etc. The most basic and most common types are strip, spread, combined footings.

Are you sure you want to delete this list? The raft foundation is usually designed as a flat slab.

Raft Foundation Analysis and Design Example | Foundation (Engineering) | Deep Foundation

This action might not be possible to undo. Lateral loads are not foujdation distributed through the structure and thus may cause differential horizontal movement in spread footing or pile caps.

More From Eng Obadah Harastani. Mechanics of Materials 2: These distribute the load in two directions. Also remove everything in this list from your library.

Because mats are monolithic, they are much easier to waterproof. Sometimes spread footing have pedestals, are stepped, or are tapered downkoad save materials. Transmit the load of the structure to a soil stratum of sufficient strength.

Again, the structural continuity and flexural strength of the mat will absorb these irregularities. The more common types of footings are concrete raft foundation design pdf download in figure 6.

Factors to be considered are: The greater weight and continuity of a mat may provide sufficient resistance, and.

Sign up to vote on this title. The uplift loads are larger than spread footings can accommodate.