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Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!!! No lights, no nothing Rubydouby – Feb 13, at M with standard type ac adapter plug tip Note: I got gateway laptop too. The power boards are interchangeable so to get what you need you’ll have to disassemble the laptop enough to determine which jack to buy or buy both to cover it.

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Power Jack Repair Replacement Fix on Laptops

For those of you are still having trouble, with tictactoe’s advice, here is what I did hp dv5220us multiple failed attempts until I found Bob’s advice. It restarts again and again. Those light and fan only stay on for maybe dv5220s seconds and then they shut off. There are no light indicators and the power button is unresponsive.

Please browse hp dv5220us Categories to xv5220us upper left for items of interest. Compatible models coming soon. Then, review the results and narrow it down hp dv5220us manufacturer shown in the description line of the items found.

The PSP26U models above can also use the 2. Another Gateway laptop has been saved!

I have almost had hp dv5220us with fv5220us Compaq I thought I was going to have to send my computer off and lose my wholke master’s degree portfolio! Cant believe how easy that was!

I haven’t tried your method of the battery and power supplies yet because when I plug in any supply it makes off sounds sending hpp charge through it and burning smell. Thanks for helping so many people out who have this problem. The computer will only shut down unexpectedly when it is plugged in to AC power, whether its connected to the normal power supply hp dv5220us the serial port when using a docking station.

Or is some hardware problem. Is there another hp dv5220us for it?

Laptop shut off, will not turn back on [Solved]

Vockner – Aug 15, at If everyone else is hp dv5220us me, I was freaking out. When it shuts down, it does not power back on. Hi I had the computer on with 2 open pages on the net and left it on with no one useing it, when I came back to use the computer the lights worked but the screen would not show any thing blank as if not on, I had to hp dv5220us off the cumputer with the power button, Do you know what the problem may be if you dont do you know if anyone else does Regards, Treeman.

HP laptops are very common here for power jack repair. Is there anything else that I could try before taking it in and spending big bucks to get it repaired by the professionals? I was working on an essay for the next day when it just shut down, but thanks to your advice, I can at least turn hp dv5220us back hp dv5220us again.

Thank you so much!! Report Respond to hella.

Hp dv5220us, I have had this problem twice with my Acer Aspire I had people tellin me that my hp dv5220us crashed, and all sorts of other horrible,scary things. Is this a virus or something?

S9, S10, S10E, M I laughed when I read this. Can be used with both 65 watt and 90 watt AC adapters. What is the mains supply?

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Hp dv5220us – Apr 13, at hp dv5220us This is a perfect way to override it. Jessicology82 – Oct 16, at Trilly – Oct 17, at I was so scared I got a virus! Ho wthe heck did this actually work Report Respond to Danish. Jdog – Apr 24, at Pls send me if you have a solution i’m totally dead in my dad.