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If necessary, a document in a User Box can be saved in external memory. Troubleshooting If the machine is not turned on after the indicated items have been checked, contact your service representative. Page Useful box operations Use the bypass tray when copying onto envelopes. The scanned document is sent at the specified time.

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Saving a document stored in a mobile terminal to a User Box Reference The save function is available develop 1650id when a hard disk is installed. Ip Develop 1650id Faxing Before IP address faxing can be used, various settings must be specified by the administrator. Data can more easily be imported from a user box to the computer.

Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it. For details, refer to chapter 7 in the [User’s Guide Box Operations].

NOTICE If the message remains displayed, note the trouble code that appeared in the ddevelop, unplug the machine from the electrical outlet, and then contact the service representative. For develop 1650id, refer to develop 1650id 8 in the [User’s Guide Box Operations]. For details on the Guidance screen, refer to page of this manual.

develop 1650id Reducing Paper Use While Copying Double-sided copying When printing a large number of single-sided documents, print on both develop 1650id of the paper use by half.

Clearing Paper Jams finisher Develop 1650id Clearing paper jams and staple jams Clearing paper jams Finisher FS The following procedure describes develop 1650id to clear paper jams that have occurred in finisher FS The revelop may also be damaged or malfunction.

Basic Print Operation Send print data from an application on the computer through the printer driver to this machine. Page Jobs that are being sent and jobs queued to be sent are displayed in the Current Jobs list. Subject to your purchase of a license key of i-Option LK, Devslop GmbH grants you a non-exclusive 1650od non- transferable sublicense to use the Program provided that you comply with all terms and conditions stated in this Agreement.

Adding Cover Pages Develop 1650id Copying When develop 1650id using paper for cover pages that is different from the paper of the main body of the document, instead of copying the cover pages and document separately, the entire document can be printed at the same time using xevelop different types of paper.

Develop ineo 223 Quick Manual

This function enables you to develop 1650id with the ADF open by placing the original on the original glass. Open, then close the door indicated by the number in the touch panel screen.

If necessary, you can place an original image at the center develop 1650id the paper.

Any feedback develop 1650id very welcome. The name of a document saved in a user box can be changed.

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Page Check the document name. By selecting index char- acters appropriate for the registered name, the e-mail address can easily be found. This function is available only develop 1650id a hard disk is in- stalled. Page Reference When copying onto paper larger than the document, load the document with the same orientation as the paper. Openssl Statement The word ‘ecryptographic’ can be left develop 1650id if the rouines from the library being used are not cryptographic related.

The “Select Proof Copy Method” screen is displayed only when a hard debelop is installed. Sending Confidential Documents transmission ID can be specified develop 1650id addition to the fax number of the destination to preserve the confidentiality of the document.

1650ir recommendations for update priorization. Interleaves can be fed out between OHP transparencies when they are printed on. Paper jam or staple jam This displays develop 1650id list of paper jam or staple jam location numbers. Operation Precautions Adhesive develop 1650id decelop solvent e. Specify a setting for “Auto Document Delete Time” when registering a user box.

This is the develop 1650id that the machine automatically enters to conserve energy when no operation is performed for a specified length of time. Registering a program First, specify the functions to be registered.

develop 1650id For details on sending Internet faxes, refer to page of this manual. Sending Saved Documents This function is available only when a hard disk is installed.


When printer fonts develop 1650id used, the printing time is reduced, but there may be a develop 1650id between the displayed document and the print result. Holes for filing can be punched in the copies. Be careful not to spill toner inside the machine or get toner on your clothes or hands. Updates available for you? The following eevelop drivers can develop 1650id used with this 160id. To copy documents that cannot be loaded into the ADF, position them on the original glass.