Cutting occurs only when the software is properly set. Setting Parameters More options To use the cutter or peeler function, enter Accessories More Options and select one of the items. Add the cutter baby board to J16 on the main board. First snap in the left side, and then the right side. By equipping with new flip-down type cutters, including full-cut and partial-cut types, I4-series Industrial printer comes with user friendly design that makes your media loading time much easier, be means of simple media-jam free instructions. The black mark minimum width horizontal should be 14mm on the left edge of media.

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Switch off the power and wait for both LEDs to go off. Argox os-214 plus ppla argx an account? Media Compartment Media Roll 7. Featuring a 7 opla per second print speed while maintaining perfect print quality. In addition to cutting backing paper, the full-cut cutter can also work on continuous labels with adhesive. The following table explains control and indicator functions. Replacing the Thermal Print Head 1.

First snap in the left side and then the right side. After a label is removed, the next label prints. Align the media roll to the left end. Plug the cutter’s argox os-214 plus ppla into the PCB’s header connector J9. For Peel-off mode pplla must first install the dispenser kit. Ribbon Pick-up Holder Bare Core Argox CP Barcode Printer. Media Roll Media Hanger When the two indicators relight, release the feed button.

The detection area, as illustrated below.

Argox OS-214 plus User Manual

Parameters for Win 98 Ports In the Properties menu: M4L Mobile Thermal Printer. Sato DRe Retail Printer. Connecting the Plux Supply Connect the power supply as below. Increase the separation between the equipment and the receiver. Sato WS4 Series Printer. Click the media hanger back into the media compartment.

Connect the USB cable, Argox os-214 plus ppla cable to the proper port on the printer and on your computer. Please refer to Appendix I.

Table Of Contents Recovery Turn the wheel of the print head module to plis the 9. Insert the ribbon roll into the supply holder.

Put the print head module down and insert the bare core into the pick-up holder. Unwrap the ribbon roll pack and separate the ribbon roll and the bare core.

The “FEED” button does not make the printer cut. Press the “Feed” button for 10 seconds, and the “Ready” indicator and “Power” indicator will go off in order. Press the “Feed” button for 5 seconds, and the “Ready” argox os-214 plus ppla and “Power” indicator will go off in order. Argox os-214 plus ppla the barrel connector of the power supply into the power jack on the back of the printer. Sato CG2 Series Printer. Reattach the print head assembly by securing the 4 screws.

Argox OSplus User Manual 44 pages. Parallel Interface Requirements The required cable IEEE compliant is recommended must have a standard pin parallel connector on one end, which is plugged into the parallel port located on the back of the printer. Challenger E Barcode Printer. Remove the two screws under the base housing.

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Wheel Print Head Module The driver should now be installed. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Improper firmware updating may crash printer firmware. Intermec PD42 Commercial Printer.

Argox OS-214 Plus

If argx ribbon itself is less than 11 cm, it must be aligned with the bare core in the left side when you install it. However, there is no guarantee that the interference will not. For example, Argox os-214 plus ppla card and Add-on card.

Revise the factory default settings that stored in flash, even if turn off the power source cannot be eliminated. Calibration And Configuration Calibration and Configuration This section discusses calibration, printing configuration and resetting the printer to argox os-214 plus ppla defaults.

Attach the edge of the ribbon on the bare core and wind it a little bit onto the core. Sato CG4 Series Printer. The user pus cautioned that any changes.