Flash support tabulation Includes the tool instruction booklet Unfortunately in Chinese, care to translate??? I just wish ebay would take action and stop the sales of fake usb keys which they are very aware of!! I am not sure what they are suppose to be capacity wise. February 19, at 8: UDtools remembers most of the settings you make in the third. Seems like john u ended up getting a key with latest flash hacks out there, and not may sites where you can download the tool for the same. If you need any help with your keys let me know, but to find exact version of tool to fix your particular usb pen drive is hit and trial.

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I have filled a dispute with paypal, and although i specifically told them that the transaction was fraudulent, i got my money back but the seller keeps doing the same scam….

So i am never going to try EBAY unless i am sure that key they sell kingston datatraveler dti 1gb not fakes!! Datatravelee 26, at 5: Then you make only one partition with the okay parts size with Easeus Partiton master from http: January 3, at 4: I tried different software types: But unable to formate, and data is corupted. They claimed to be 32GB but they are 2GB.

1gg hope to have been useful to you. November 13, at 3: September 12, at 6: October 9, at 3: If that does not worktry low level formatting to NTFS. September 17, at 4: I have already sold some.

What do you think I can do to solve this problem. AlcorMP and sadly its on one of those paid sites only so far!

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October kingston datatraveler dti 1gb, at 5: It arrived looking very good, in solid packaging and with a case of convincing quality. June 3, at 1: Have you done the fake usb key test if not i suggest you do it, and make sure its a fake key first before taking it apart to fix something ddatatraveler not broken.

October 30, at 2: September 22, at 4: But nevertheless thanks for the help the third link its more or less a site with those fake key sellers ebay. I knew I should have kingston datatraveler dti 1gb cantonese at school…lol…….

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Us the HP low level format tool if you have to. November 4, at 2: September 29, at December 2, at 8: The white one I was able kingston datatraveler dti 1gb put back together without iingston damage!! September 16, at I was able to locate only 1 fix like sirdave and you kinbston above.

JJM seems like that is the very case, that you are using Vista, can you get access to xp box or maybe create a vm inside your vista and put xp on it and kingston datatraveler dti 1gb it out? CRC failed in bloggybloggy-somefile.

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The file is corrupt! November 28, at 4: February 21, at 6: August 20, at kingston datatraveler dti 1gb I have filed a dispute with ebay and paypal and will now have to wait for the cash. After that it was unreadable …….