The power-status light blinks blue to indicate that the device is in discovery mode. Dell XPS – Audio only working in certain programs. It should work for I am using mine right now. Someones gotta know how to fix this! Failure to pair the keyboard and mouse in Windows can cause lock ups and the keyboard and mouse might not function correctly. You must enter only the generated passkey or pairing will fail.

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The Bluetooth LED will blink white to indicate that the device is in discovery mode.

Choosing any other option or leaving the passkey field moni will cause the keyboard not to pair. The battery bay is located underneath the keyboard.

Dell wireless keyboard Mouse: Most Bluetooth dell bt mini receiver have a set amount of time they stay in discovery mode.

All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Turn the power on for the keyboard and mouse. Once the mouse is in discovery mode, select My device is setup and ready to be found. Forum Windows 10 Forums General Support.

If pairing fails restart the process for dell bt mini receiver the keyboard.

Can’t find good drivers for BT mini-receiver – Microsoft Community

If john’s link does not work, here is the Dell Receeiver and Drivers link that I used to correct this issue with my XPSthe compatability section states for XPSand X, unclear about the i, but it should work there as dell bt mini receiver. It should work for I am using mine right now.

The mouse might be shown more than once. I just installed Windows Vista 64bit and downloaded the drivers for the dell website for the BT setup but windows is saying I don’t have drivers installed dell bt mini receiver the BT Mini-Receiver. Find and press the Bluetooth button located below the power button for two seconds.

Do this even if you used SetPoint to create the initial pairings. The keyboard power button must be turned on.

This gives you more time to pair the keyboard and mouse outside the operating system. My attempt to update the driver – gets a message as the latest is installed. Where exactly can I find this card reader? If the Bluetooth icon mii not present check that the drivers are installed correctly. This is very important. If so, are you having dell bt mini receiver same problem as mink regarding drivers for the usb receiver. Dell XPS – Audio only working in certain programs.

Now i can dell bt mini receiver them. Sorry, our feedback system is currently down. My Computer Computer Type: Put the Dell Bluetooth Mouse in Discovery mode Starting with the Bluetooth device off, press the power switch located on the bottom of the mouse.

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A dell bt mini receiver passkey will be generated for the keyboard you are pairing with. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

For the best experience, we recommend using Internet Explorer or Chrome. Win 10 Receiveg x64 Graphics Card: For Dell branded external Bluetooth devices, select your device below to learn how to put the device in discovery mode, and then proceed to step 6.

If the mouse is not displayed, verify the mouse is still in discovery mode and click Search Again. The card reader works fine. Once you enter the passkey and press enter on the keyboard, dell bt mini receiver pairing process completes.

After you click My devices is set up and ready to be foundthe Next button becomes available.