If a product has failed a test at a test house, normally you only know which frequency failed. To help designers meet these challenges Detectus has developed several measuring systems with which designers can perform “pre-compliance” measurements to identify the intensity and the location of a radiation source at a component level. Import 3D surface models. An example is shown below. This powerful feature is a major improvement and it gives an enormous amount of information.

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You can maintain a high quality in the production line by measuring samples and comparing them to a reference. The software runs in Windows emc scanner a standard PC and is intuitive and user-friendly. Pinpoint the emc scanner of a ecanner failure even when the problem is intermittent.

Configurable for most spectrum analyzers. The EMC-Scanner can help you maintain a high quality in the production line.

Includes a set of four specially selected near field probes, a 30 dB pre-amplifier and RF cables. The emc scanner scanner consists of 1, H-field magnetic probes that scannner between kHz and 8 GHz.

EMC Scanner | Elektronikcentrum i Halmstad (ECH)

The scanner tables of the HRE-series scanners are equipped with beacons for automatic and accurate probe calibration. Measurements occur in real-time and this allows the emc scanner team to compare different design versions in seconds.

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Electronic switches enable the probes to sweep the entire board under one second when Level 1 is selected. The system consists of an X-Y-Z robot, a spectrum analyzer em emc scanner field probe and a standard PC with custom software and a GPIB card or similar for communicating with the spectrum analyzer.

At each emc scanner point the location of the probe and the value of the emission intensity is stored in the computer.

Emc scanner Support contact Online support Software download Manuals, brochure s. Also runs om Mac using BootCamp. Import 3D surface models. Every effort will be made to customize the course curriculum to emc scanner participant needs. The system’s 16 bits digital resolution, the software’s optimization method as well as the possibility to adjust offset and emission factors result in high-resolution measurements.

The image on right is a representation of a 2 x 2 scan area on the scanner. Configurable for most spectrum analyzers. GerbView can be obtained at http: Below graphic shows level 1 and level 7 spatial scan results of a high density board.

Depending on your choice of spectrum analyzer you may also need an GPIB adapter it only works with adapters from National Instruments. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: To complete the Scanner system you would need a PC emc scanner a emc scanner analyzer.

EMC Scanner

You can see the emission at components level. Emc scanner a product has failed a test at a test house, normally you only know which frequency failed.

These measurements reduce the risk that the product will emc scanner the final full emc scanner at the test house. Prototype, test, and optimize new designs, forms and components. Testing a complete board with these conventional test methods can take half a day; even sometimes a day!

EMC Scanner / dhs ELMEA tools GmbH

High Resolution Heat Scanning. The emc scanner gives you the possibility to localize small heat sources such as surface-mounted components. The Emc scanner scanner are exactly like the HRE3 with the addition of a device for automatic rotation around the probe axis. After the measurment the results can be documented in different types of reports. Are you under wmc pressure because of the countless number of lengthy measurements in inaccessible anechoic chambers?