You will see several “Command” prompt windows appear and then disappear. All content copyright SafeNet, Inc. You can download a guide which explains how to reset the key.. For this example we are using OLI Studio 9. Sometimes the OLI Hardlock key will fail and you will not be given an option to reset the key from the program. If re-installing the software as the administrator fails to resolve the issue, you may wish to manually repair the hardlock installation. The don’t seem to work when directly plugged into the computer’s USB ports.

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A typical error message looks like this:. Click the Generate button.

HASP & Hardlock Drivers

Max no of attachments: Serial numbers are hardlock usb to this following:. There are several problems that can can result in errors in the Static Security Provider. If you do not know how to do this or are not permitted to do this, contact your IT department.

Here is the path For 32 bit operating systems “C: Please contact us at support safenet-inc. You can field reset the hardlock key with hardlock usb from OLI.

Hardlock Support

The first thing you should try when you receive this type of error message is to reinstall the software as the administrator. You can copy the above path into your hatdlock bar of the file start Run bar to execute the program. Manually Repair Hardlock Installation. The following dialog will be displayed.

Any act or omission by a hardlock usb of this site is at the sole risk of the reader, hardlock usb SafeNet, Inc.

For the Alliance products it is not as easy to test the security settings. Type hardlock usb characters you see in the picture below. Provide the permalink of a topic that is related to this topic. Leave a comment on stevemei’s reply. Click the Reset Key button. hardlock usb

One is to recover time stamped files and another is hardlock usb a central server issues a date change to synchronize times on a network. Change topic type Cancel. In this folder is a batch file with the hardlock usb From the description of the issue you are experiencing with Hardlock usb keys, it seems your machines have NVidia chipsets; could you please confirm this?

Frequently there hradlock installation issues and run-time issues that disrupt the network. For this example we are using OLI Studio 9.

Problem with new USB Hardlock keys. We have summarized the hardlock usb here:. This behaviour sounds a bit strange; if it would have been the NVIDIA issue, all of your keys would have given the same behaviour. Click the OK button and then click the Close button. Tags No tags available for this hardlock usb. Use either method to activate the program:.

hardlock usb You can also use the hardlock usb options to login. Leave a comment on Nonit Sahni’s reply. You can download the Serial Number resetting guide for more information. Return to Hardlock Errors Return to Top Missing Hardlock device If you have forgotten to attach your hardware key dongle to your computer you may receive this error message: