My recommendation, for those who get good signals, is to buy this gadget as its too handy to bear. Additional Volume Buckets for postpay may be subscribed via my. Plz Cool Down I think have some virus in your System that creates problem. At PTCL, the customer comes first. I just buy ptcl EVO 3.

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USB WiFi Adapter

Average speeds vary from Kbps to Kbps for downlink and Kbps to Kbps for uplink. Please note, if you ptcl broadband wireless usb any remaining volume in your account at the time of resubscription, the volume will be lost. I succeeded to return it back and my refund application is under process. I blv its not available in Sialkot, get it from Lahore — Opper number diye howay hain broadbabd.

They are much danger than robbers because robber show us guns and get amount and that companies make fool and ptcl broadband wireless usb with us and got amount its a cheating.

Hope u are cool now. The service is acceptable but not fast as claimed by the company no way near 3Mbps…not even 1mbps. Download speed Day Time. You may ptcl broadband wireless usb out wirfless EVO 9. Here in our Wonderful Country all company invest money for IT and Cell phone services all just take money they did not gives us return.

Why you are getting is less is because of convertor used for desktop, which ofcorse will have its own delay time. Additional Volume Buckets for postpay may be subscribed via my.

Broadband Installation Guide

I did return it. This is the problem of PTCL they say things they cannot deliver. Secondly getting a more better quality convertor will decrese up to some extent. Before ptcl broadband wireless usb, broadbsnd was almost impossible ptcl broadband wireless usb telecommute yourself for any matter. Special Slot is required.

Dear Asim, Your figs. These Packages are not available for new sales. Additional Usage will be charged at Rs. Additional Usage at Rs. Early In the morning KBps. I am only able to connect via dsl or wimax.

EVDO offers 3G access to broadband and will make you ptcl broadband wireless usb to download and upload your contents easily on the go. From where i can collect detail information about it. By the way, we received good response from all areas of major cities, in terms of reception. Any help would be great. I called on help line but no operator and no ptcl broadband wireless usb.

Refund will be provided in weeks time. WateenWorldcall now its time Ptcl Evo i got so bad experience uxb.

We are always delighted to hear from you, anytime of the day. I improve my Experience in next reply. I just buy ptcl EVO 3.

But I did not return ptcl broadband wireless usb USB because of performance alone. Well its good but ptcl line conection is very low coast rate 1 mb dowload speed. I wish they have AWRA evdo wifi router something similar to what worldcall is offering if they offer this I must consider switching it to evdo.

Broadbannd as per your current package is instantaneously provided with 30 days validity.